Rylestone Ag Supplies
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  •  Worms & Lice - Cydectin Pour On, Paramax Pour ON
  • Vaccines - Ultravac 5 in 1, Ultravac 7 in 1, Pestiguard, Vibrovax, Piliguard Pinkeye
  • Other - Coopers Easy Dose F, Flopak Plus 4in1 Milk Fever, Rumensin Bloat Capsules, Rumevite Bloat Blocks, Teric Bloat Oil, Terramycin Pinkeye, Vytrate Calf Scour Treatment


  • Worms - Maximus Long Acting Injection, Hat-Trick Oral, Cydectin Eweguard, Cydectin Weanerguard, Cydectin Long Acting Injection, Valbazen, Q-Drench, Genesus Xtra, Nilverm Oral, Nilverm LV Oral, Rametin, Zolvix
  • Lice - Avenge, Extinosad Pour On, Extinosad Eliminator, Maverick Pour On
  • Blowfly - Clik, Vetrazin, Fly Strike Powder
  • Vaccines - Ultravac 5in1, Glanvac 6, Cydectin Eweguard, Cydectin Weanerguard,
  • Other - Aseptol Germicide & Disinfectant, Flopak Plus 4in1 Milk Fever/Grass Tetany,


  •  Worms - Genesis Equine, Strategy T, Eraquell, Imax Gold, Imax LV, Panacur100
  • Flies and Mosquitoes - Repel X, Flyaway, Swift Pour-on, Coopex (for stables), Quick Bayt Fly Bait (for stables)
  • Other - Cetrigen Wound Dressing, Chloromide Antiseptic Spray, Debrisol Wound Spray,  Founderguard, Yellow Lotion (Ranvet), Vitagran Seaweed Meal, Neutradex Diuretic & Urinary Buffer, Electomix Electrolyte & Sweat (IAH Sales), Salkavite Vitamin B & Electrolyte Replacer (Ranvet), Apple Cider Vinegar, Cod Liver Oil, Garlic Powder, Linseed Oil, Neatsfoot Oil, Paraffin Oil, Psyllium Husk and more

Dogs and Cats

  • Fleas - Advantage for dogs, Comfortis Tablets for dogs, Frontline Plus for dogs & cats (Merial), Frontline Spray for dogs & cats (Merial), Kiltix Dog Collars, Pestene Powder, Coopex, Maldison 50 & Nucidol for kennels and surrounds
  • Worms - Drontal Chewable for dogs, Drontal Worming Suspension for puppies, Drontal Cat Tablets, Nuheart Heartworm Tablets for dogs, Valucat Worm Paste for cats


  • Worms - Nilverm Pig & Poultry Wormer
  • Lice & Mites - Pestene Powder