Rylestone Ag Supplies
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General Products

Redback Boots


Laundry and Cleaning Products

  • Omo
  • Charge washing powder 10kg Bucket
  • Drive 2 x concentrated  5kg
  • Earthon 7.5kg
  • Palmolive Washing up Liquid 5ltrs
  • Sun Dishwash Liquid 5ltrs

OSKA Professional Tools


Dog Kennels
Rain Gauges
Sugar Cane Mulch
Wood Shavings
Organic Life
Multi Gro
Pool Salt
Pool Cholrine
Pool Acid

Dog Food

  • Mars Petcare
    • Chum cans 12 x 700g , 12 x 1.2kg
    • Chum Crunchy 20kg
    • Mate 12 x 650g
    • Pedigree Mince & Vegetables 20kg
    • Pedigree Working Dog 20kg
    • Pedigree cans 12 x 700g, 12 x 1.2kg
    • Pedigree Puppy cans 12 x 700g
  • Ridley Agriproducts
    • Cobber Working Dog 20kg
  • Hypro Australia
    • Dog Pro Premium Adult 20kg
    • Dog Pro Premium Working Dog 20kg
    • Dog Pro 4 x 2 10kg
  • Nestle Australia
    • Bonnie Working Dog 20kg
  • BOOMER working  DOG FOOD

Cat Food

  • Hypro Australia
    • Catpro 10kg
  • Mars Petcare
    • Whiskas 24 x 400g
    • Whiskas 2.5kg, 6.5kg, 12kg
  • Nestle Australia
    • Friskies 10kg

Other Dog & Cat Food

Lifestyle Farm Animals & Pets

  • Horse Feed
    • Ridley Agriproducts - Barastoc Cool Command, Barastoc Groom,  Barastoc Workhorse Mix, Equi-Jewell, Steam Flaked Barley
    • Mitavite - Breeda, Economix Active, Gumnuts, Xtra Cool,
    • Prydes - Bio Mare Cubes, Easi Result, Easi Ride
    • Omega Feeds - Maxicoat, No Grain Blue, No Grain Gold, Weight Gain
    • Other Horse Feeds
      • Copra Meal
      • Molasses
      • Bran, Millmix, Pollard
      • Chaff – Lucerne, Oaten, Wheaten,
      • Hay - Lucerne, Oaten, Wheaten

Our major suppliers listed above do carry a range of products that we do not carry in stock.

If you have looked at their website and have found a product that is of interest, give us a call and we will get into stock for you.
We also carry other products for the horse enthusiast; including feeders and troughs, drenches and supplements, horse rugs, horse shoes and nails and a small range of saddlery.

Check out these products on our Animal/Pet Health and General Products pages.

  • Poultry Feed
    •  Ridley Agriproducts - Darling Downs Layer Mix 5kg & 20kg, Golden Yolk Layer Pellets 5kg & 20kg, Poultry Breeder 20kg, Pullet Grower 5kg & 20kg, Pullet Starter 5kg & 20kg, Top Layer Mash 20kg, Turkey & Meat Bird Grower 20kg, Turkey & Meat Bird Starter 5kg & 20kg
    • Other Poultry Feeds and Products
      • Sorghum
      • Wheat
      • Shellgrit
      • Wood Shavings (for nest boxes)
      • Feeders and Drinkers
      • Wormers and insecticides
  • Pig Feeds
    •  Ridley Agriproducts - Barastoc Pig Breeder Pellets, Barastoc Pig Finisher Pellets, Barastoc Pig Grower Pellets, Ultra Wean 250 Crumbles
  • Sheep and Cattle Feed
    •  Ridley Agriproducts - Baby Calf Pellets, Beef Finisher Pellets, Calf Rearer Pellets, Ewe Supplement Pellets, Feedlot Minerals Plus, Sheep & Cattle Pellets
    • Other Sheep and Cattle Feeds
      • Bentonite
      • Lime
      • Molasses
      • Molafos 15 (molasses based protein, energy and mineral supplement)
      • lamb and Kid Milk Replacer
      • Calf and Foal Milk Replacer
      • Salt
      • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Birdseed
    •  Budgie Mix 5kg, 10kg, 20kg
    • Canary Mix 5kg, 20kg
    • Canary Seed (Plain) 5kg, 25kg
    • Finch Mix 20kg
    • Oats (Hulled) 5kg, 20kg
    • Parrot Mix 5kg, 10kg, 20kg
    • Pigeon Mix 20kg
    • Small Parrot Mix 5kg, 20kg
    • Sunflower (Grey Stripe) 5kg, 25kg